K6RAU Code Course

To use the K6RAU Code Course, first download the audio file by right-clicking on the links below and click: Save Target As... Find the desired location and click save. These files are compatible with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or QuickTime Player.  Each lesson is 30 minutes and each file is approximately 27MB. (Megabytes)  Note: the phonetics are from the "good old days" but everything else is current.


One does not have to know a "dit" from a "dah" -- just with paper & pencil in hand, follow the voice instructions. The narrator is Fred/K6DUU (now sk), father of K6RAU. The course was first broadcast on 160 meters to local Merced/Modesto area Boy Scouts listening on converted music radios. In the 1970's through mid 1990's it was transmitted on 75 meters by K6RAU.