Minutes of the 2007 Second Meeting
ARRL Board of Directors
July 20-21, 2007

Summary Agenda

1. Roll Call
2. Moment of Silence
Consideration of the Agenda for the meeting
Consent Agenda

6. Consideration of items removed from Consent Agenda
7. Consideration of recommendations of Standing Committees
Consideration of additional recommendations as contained in reports

9. Directors
’ motions
10. Any other business

1. Pursuant to due notice, the Board of Directors of the American Radio Relay League, Inc., met in annual session at the Hartford/Windsor Airport Marriott in Windsor, Connecticut, on Friday, July 20, and Saturday, July 21, 2007.  The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM EDT July 20 with President Joel Harrison, W5ZN, in the Chair and the following Directors present:

Bill Edgar, N3LLR, Atlantic Division
George R. Isely, W9GIG, Central Division
Jay Bellows, KØQB, Dakota Division
Henry Leggette, WD4Q, Delta Division
Jim Weaver, K8JE, Great Lakes Division
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Hudson Division
Bruce Frahm, KØBJ, Midwest Division
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, New England Division
Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF, Northwestern Division
Bob Vallio, W6RGG, Pacific Division
Dennis Bodson, W4PWF, Roanoke Division
Warren G.
“Rev” Morton, WS7W, Rocky Mountain Division
Frank M. Butler, W4RH, Southeastern Division
Dick Norton, N6AA, Southwestern Division
Coy Day, N5OK, West Gulf Division

Also present without vote were Kay C. Craigie, N3KN, First Vice President; Rick Roderick, K5UR, Vice President; Rod Stafford, W6ROD, International Affairs Vice President; James McCobb, K1LU, Treasurer; David Sumner, K1ZZ, Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer and Secretary; Chief Operating Officer Harold Kramer, WJ1B; Chief Financial Officer Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY, and Chief Development Officer Mary M. Hobart, K1MMH.

Also in attendance at the invitation of the Board as observers were International Amateur Radio Union Vice President Timothy S. Ellam, VE6SH; Radio Amateurs of Canada President Earle W. Smith, VE6NM; and the following Vice Directors: Tom Abernethy, W3TOM, Atlantic Division; Howard Huntington, K9KM, Central Division; Twila Greenheck, NØJPH, Dakota Division; Karl Bullock, WA5TMC, Delta Division; Gary L. Johnston, KI4LA, Great Lakes Division; Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Hudson Division; Clifford H. Ahrens, KØCA, Midwest Division; Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF, New England Division; William J. “Bill” Sawders, K7ZM, Northwestern Division; Andy Oppel, N6AJO, Pacific Division; Patricia M. Hensley, N4ROS, Roanoke Division; Brian P. Mileshosky, N5ZGT, Rocky Mountain Division; Nelson E. “Sandy” Donahue, W4RU, Southeastern Division; and Dr. David Woolweaver, K5RAV, West Gulf Division. Also present were General Counsel Christopher D. Imlay, W3KD; John Chwat, and Janet Worthington, KB3PDS, of Chwat and Co., ARRL’s Washington D.C. legislative consultant; and Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager David Patton, NN1N.

Chief Technology Officer Paul Rinaldo, W4RI and Southwestern Division Vice Director Edward “Ned” Stearns, AA7A sent their regrets at being unable to attend.

2. The assembly observed a moment of silence in recollection of Honorary Vice President Edmond A. Metzger, W9PRN and other Radio Amateurs who have passed away since the previous Board meeting, especially Gwen A. Anderson, KØGAA; Hugh Preston Barrett, WØWWR; Emma Berg, WØJUV; Mike Caughran, KL7R; Rolland D. “Slim” Cummings, WAØEDA; Andrew E. Donovan, WA1GEP; Philip Goetz, N6ZZ; William W. “Bill” Inkrote, Jr., K2NJ; John A. “Al”  Johnson, W7EKM; Howard Lester, W2ODC; Betty C. Mallay, KL7AP; Leigh M. Matthews, N8LM; Duncan McArthur, GM3TNT; David Rosenthal, N6TST; Frederick S. Runkle, K4KAZ; Patrick de Verteuil, HH7PV; Roger N. Wilson, KDØAY.

3. Tim Ellam, VE6SH, Vice President of the International Amateur Radio Union, thanked the Board for the invitation to attend and for the support given to IARU.

4. The President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada, Mr. Earle Smith, VE6NM, delivered his greetings from RAC. As he will be retiring from office, Mr. Smith expressed his gratitude for being able to attend ARRL Board meetings on behalf of RAC, and also for ARRL leaders for their attendance at RAC Board meetings.

5. Mr. Frenaye, as President, reported on the activities of the ARRL Foundation. There were 61 scholarships awarded in 2007 from 50 different scholarship funds. The Foundation’s assets amount to approximately $2.4 million, of which most supports the scholarship program. Mr. Frenaye explained how new scholarships can be added to the Foundation program by relating an example of a small club that could no longer manage its scholarship and transferred same to the Foundation to administer.

6. On motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Vallio, the agenda for the meeting was ADOPTED.

7. On motion of Mr. Isely, seconded by Mr. Edgar, the Board APPROVED the following items listed on the Consent Agenda:

1.                  Approval of Minutes of 2007 Annual Meeting

2.                  Receipt of officers’ reports

3.                  Receipt of General Counsel’s report

4.                  Receipt of Legislative Relations report

5.                  Receipt of committee and coordinator reports

8. Mr. Imlay updated the Board with the status of projects under purview of the General Counsel. He summarized the status of D-Star operation and described why there is some disagreement among operators, coordinators and FCC about how to incorporate D-Star into Amateur bands. Dan Henderson, N1ND, Regulatory Information Branch Manager, joined the meeting at 9:10 AM. The Board was in recess from 9:45 AM until 10:10 AM. Mr. Imlay continued his report with further information about other digital networks operating within Amateur bands. Mr. Henderson left the meeting at 11:02 AM.

9. Mr. Chwat presented the Legislative Relations report. He noted that there will be several pieces of proposed broadband legislation introduced in Congress this year, and that his office has instituted measures to make communications with him and his staff more efficient. He introduced Janet Worthington, KB3PDS, who is assigned to ARRL issues within Chwat and Co.

10. At this point the Chair yielded the floor to Mr. Ellam, who delivered a wide-ranging, informative presentation about ongoing work and progress in preparation for World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07, 22 October 2007 through 16 November 2007.) The Board was in recess for luncheon from 12:01 PM until 1:19 PM, when the Board reconvened with all persons hereinbefore mentioned, except Mr. Chwat and Ms. Worthington, who left the meeting.

11. At this point President Harrison appointed an ad hoc committee to draft a document concerning proper handling and dissemination of confidential and sensitive information that will be added to the Director’s Workbook. Vice President Craigie, General Counsel Imlay, Director Bellows, and Vice Director Ahrens were appointed to the committee.

12. By request, Mr. Edgar presented the report of the Ad Hoc Background Investigation Committee and explained the committee’s recommendations for understanding and managing served agencies’ requirements and the needs of amateur radio volunteers. The committee also decided that pursuing federally-recognized credentialing for amateur radio volunteers was critical to the ability of ARES to function.

13. By request, Mr. Mileshosky, as Chairman, expanded upon the written report of the Ad hoc Committee on Scouting. With a clearly identified need for more young people to enter into the ranks of Amateur Radio, he expressed the committee’s desire to continue its work towards improving collateral materials, the Internet presence, and the Jamboree on the Air program.


14. By request, Ms. Birmingham, Board Liaison, expanded upon the written report of the Public Relations Committee. She reported that the committee has identified a strong need for Public Information Officers (PIOs) to be assigned directly with ARES units. Frequently during deployments PR opportunities are missed for lack of someone able or willing to communicate with the press.

15. Mr. Frenaye, as Chairman, expanded upon the written report of the Ethics and Elections Committee. He explained the chronology of actions taken to address complaints concerning the North Texas Section Manager election earlier in the year. On motion of Mr. Norton, seconded by Mr. Bodson, it was VOTED to reconsider the following question previously considered by mail: “Moved, that the Board of Directors, after review, affirms the decisions of the Ethics and Elections Committee with regard to the 2007 North Texas Section Manager election.” After discussion, the motion was ADOPTED. The Board was in recess from 3:28 PM until 4:01 PM.

16. Mr. Frenaye, as Chairman, presented the report of the Administration and Finance Committee. ARRL’s auditor studied ARRL’s financial standing, concluding that League revenues are not growing but that the organization is financially sound overall. Mr. Frenaye yielded the floor to Chief Operating Officer Kramer, Chief Financial Officer Shelley, and Treasurer McCobb for further information about the report. Mr. Kramer described the ongoing work of a subcommittee, the ARRL Future Revenue Committee, and the preliminary findings of consultants working on projects defined by the Future Revenue Committee. Mr. Shelley characterized the latest financial results as ahead of schedule, but likely to slow down to planned levels by year end. Mr. McCobb reported that ARRL’s financial holdings are strong and increasing. He sees challenges ahead for the organization, but he also believes the outlook is good and management is well equipped to deal with whatever lies ahead.

17. On motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Leggette, it was VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:    

BE IT RESOLVED, that any one of the following: James E. McCobb, Jr., Treasurer; or Joel M. Harrison, President are hereby authorized and directed in the name and on behalf of American Radio Relay League, Inc. (the “Organization”) to:

1.                  Execute and deliver to Bank of America, N.A. (the “Bank”) an Investment Services Agreement and such other agreements, certificates, and instruments (collectively “Documents”) in the form and containing such terms and conditions as the Bank may require and as such persons executing the same on behalf of the Organization may approve, such approval to be conclusively evidenced by the execution thereof;

2.                  Give written verbal, fax, electronic or such other instructions to the Bank under the Documents as may be authorized thereunder, and the Bank shall be fully protected in relying thereon, and;

3.                  Take any such further action as may be deemed necessary or advisable to carry out the intent of this resolution.

This resolution shall remain in full force and effect until the Bank is given written notice to the contrary at the Office at which the Organization’s Investment Service Account is administered.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the duly acting and qualified Secretary of the Organization is hereby authorized and directed in the name and on behalf of the Organization to execute and deliver to the Bank a certified copy of this resolution.

18. On motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Bodson, it was VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

      RESOLVED, that the Securities Account shall be a Cash Account or a Margin Account for the purpose of purchasing, investing in, or otherwise acquiring, selling (including short sales), possessing, transferring, exchanging, pledging, or otherwise disposing of, and generally dealing in any and all forms of securities and financial instruments of every kind or nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, purchasing, selling, etc., of option contracts (including uncovered option contracts).  All others and instructions, written or oral, relating to the Securities Account shall be given by James E. McCobb or Joel M. Harrison (“Authorized Individuals”), and each of them individually is hereby authorized and directed to purchase and/or sell and/or deal in any and all securities and financial instruments for the Client, including the power to deliver, accept delivery of, pledge, endorse, surrender and direct the transfer of record title of any assets beneficially owned by the Client for any purpose, including to effect any exchange or conversion, or to deposit with any protective or similar committee, or otherwise, without obligation on Morgan Stanley’s part to inquire into the reasons for said order or instructions.

      RESOLVED, that Morgan Stanley may deal with any one of the Authorized Individuals as though Morgan Stanley were dealing with the Client directly and each Authorized Individual is authorized and directed generally to do and take all action necessary in connection with the Securities Account.

      RESOLVED, that each of the Authorized Individuals is authorized and directed to bind and obligate the Client to and for the carrying out of any contract, arrangement or transaction that shall be entered into by any such Authorized Individual for and on behalf of the Client with or through Morgan Stanley; to execute and deliver to Morgan Stanley on behalf of the Client any and all agreements, documents, contracts, releases and other writings that Morgan Stanley may require; to affix the corporate seal to any documents or agreements; and to agree to any terms or conditions to control the Securities Account.

      RESOLVED, that the Secretary (or other duly designated officer) of the Client is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to certify, under the Seal of the Client, or otherwise to Morgan Stanley:

      a.   a true copy of these Resolutions;
      b.   specimen signatures of each and every individual empowered by these Resolutions;
      c.   a certificate (which, if Morgan Stanley requires, shall be supported by an opinion of the general counsel of the Client, or other counsel satisfactory to Morgan Stanley) that the Client is duly organized and existing, that its charter empowers to transact the business contemplated in these Resolutions, and that no limitation has been imposed upon such powers by constitution, statute, regulations, charter, bylaw or otherwise.

      RESOLVED, that Morgan Stanley may rely upon any certification given in accordance with these Resolutions as continuing fully effective unless and until Morgan Stanley shall receive due written notice of an amendment, modification or rescission of such Resolutions or certification.  Further resolved that Morgan Stanley shall not be liable for any action taken or not taken upon instruction of any Authorized Individual prior to Morgan Stanley’s actual receipt of written notice of the termination or impairment of such person’s authority.  The failure to supply any specimen signature shall not invalidate any transaction which is in accordance with authority actually granted.  Further resolved that the Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Morgan Stanley and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all claims that a transaction was unauthorized or outside the scope of the Client’s powers, if such transaction was authorized by and any of the Authorized Individuals.

      RESOLVED, that in the event of any change in the office or powers of persons hereby empowered, the Secretary (or other duly designated officer) shall certify such changes to Morgan Stanley, in writing, which certification, when Morgan Stanley receives it, shall terminate the powers of the persons authorized and empower the persons thereby substituted.

      RESOLVED, that the Client hereby authorizes Morgan Stanley to charge any amount due Morgan Stanley under any arrangement with the Client against any or all of the accounts and other property of the Client held with Morgan Stanley or any of its affiliates, with the Client remaining liable for any deficiency and each Authorized Individual is authorized and directed to pay to Morgan Stanley by checks and/or drafts drawn upon the funds of the Client such sums as may be necessary to discharge the Client’s obligations to Morgan Stanley.

19. The Board was in recess from 5:07 PM until 8:35 AM, Saturday, July 21, 2007, reconvening with all persons as hereinbefore mentioned.

After continuing with a short discussion completing the report of the Administration and Finance Committee, on motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Bodson, the Board VOTED to meet as a Committee of the Whole at 8:40 AM to discuss personnel matters. At 8:53 AM, the Committee of the Whole arose and reported to the Board. On motion of Mr. Vallio, seconded by Mr. Frahm, it was VOTED to accept the report.

20. Mr. Bellows, as Chairman, discussed the written report of the Programs and Services Committee. He reports that while most programs within the Membership and Volunteer Programs areas are running well, there is still much more that could be done with an increase in web and programming resources. The committee members are pleased that the newly formed Education department is off and running and that the new Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager has been hired and will begin work soon.

21. On motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mrs. Craigie, it was unanimously VOTED that the ARRL Board of Directors has selected Daniel M. McMonigle, N3IXQ, as the winner of the 2007 Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award. Mr. McMonigle has been involved with public service and emergency communications and has made numerous speeches to civic and community groups. In 2007, through his efforts he received permission from Comcast East Cable Networks to place ARRL Public Service Announcements on the company’s networks. The cable air time value of this advertising was over $1.5 million (Applause.)

22. On motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mr. Weaver, it was unanimously VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

WHEREAS, over a period of many years, Dr. William P. Birmingham has demonstrated his commitment to teaching Amateur Radio in the classroom and promoting Amateur Radio outside the classroom; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Birmingham’s commitment to his students as a teacher and fellow amateurs as a “mentor” represents the highest ideals of his profession and his avocation; and Amateur Radio “full-time,” not solely restricted to the classroom;

THEREFORE, the Herb S. Brier Professional Educator of the Year Award for 2006 is presented to Dr. William P. Birmingham, KC8WBD, Grove City, Pennsylvania (Applause.)

23. On motion of Mr. Bodson, seconded by Mr. Leggette, it was unanimously VOTED that the ARRL Board of Directors selects Greg S. Davis, N3ZL, of Florence, South Carolina, as the recipient of the 2006 ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Award.

First licensed at age 14, Greg S. Davis upgraded to Amateur Extra class within a year and one-half. Greg, a senior at West Florence High School, is in the top five percent of his class and has a 3.8 GPA. He prefers ragchewing but enjoys all aspects of Amateur Radio including DXing, contesting, all digital modes and SSTV.

Greg is interested and active in emergency communications, as part of his Eagle Scout project was responsible for planning, assembling and installing emergency communications antennas at Red Cross emergency evacuation centers.

His other public service activities include assisting his local radio club with communications at a local air show, sports car rally, and the McLeod Medical center Run/Walk for charity.

School and Amateur Radio are just parts of Greg’s life. He is also involved in athletics, backstage work at a community theater, and volunteer work at the local animal shelter.

Greg S. Davis, N3ZL, is a bright, focused, well-rounded young man who is well suited to receive the honor of the Hiram Percy Maxim Award (Applause.)

24. On motion of Mr. Butler, seconded by Mr. Frenaye, it was unanimously VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

RESOLVED, in light of his long and distinguished career, a leader of nearly every aspect of Amateur Radio in Puerto Rico, including creating the first ARRL VE team, translation of the ARRL License Manual into Spanish, creation of the PR/VI Frequency Coordinator, and seven years as Puerto Rico Section Manager, the ARRL Board of Directors confers the Joe Knight Distinguished Service Award on Victor Madera, KP4PQ (Applause.) The Board was in recess from 9:34 AM until 9:58 AM.

25. On motion of Mr. Butler, seconded by Mr. Frahm, it was unanimously VOTED that the ARRL nominate International Affairs Vice President Rod Stafford, W6ROD, as a candidate for IARU Region II, area B Director at the 2007 Region II conference.

26. On motion of Mr. Norton, seconded by Mr. Isely, it was VOTED that the ARRL Board thanks existing VHF/UHF frequency coordination groups for their efforts to promote orderly use of amateur frequencies and requests that the groups extend their efforts to coordinate digital systems such as D-Star, considering bandwidths actually required for successful operation.

27. On motion of Mr. Day, seconded by Mr. Butler, it was VOTED that the ARRL Board of Directors supports HR 2743, the “Military Affiliate Radio System Emergency Communication Act of 2007,” the purpose of which is to permit the continued use in the MARS program of frequency stabilized amateur radio equipment that meets FCC Part 97 technical standards. The Board was in recess from 10: 56 AM until 11:05 AM.

28. On motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mr. Frenaye, it was VOTED that having received the audited financial statements of the ARRL dated December 31, 2006 including the opinion letter of the independent accountants, Haggett Longobardi, that the Board of Directors of the ARRL, Inc., accepts the report of the independent accountants.

29. On motion of Mr. Morton, seconded by Mr. Frenaye, it was unanimously VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

WHEREAS, the ARRL Foundation, with the assistance of the ARRL Chief Development Officer, has the potential to increase the Foundation’s future fund raising ability and revenue from qualified donors; and

WHEREAS, the ARRL Board of Directors recognizes the potential to increase said Foundation’s revenue from past, present and future qualified donors and therefore support the investigation of an enhanced working relationship between the ARRL Foundation and the Chief Development Officer and their mutual ability to develop a methodology to attract increased revenue;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the ARRL President will appoint an ad hoc committee to evaluate the issues that would enhance the ARRL and the ARRL Foundation’s ability to solicit funds from past, present and future qualified donors and present a report on their investigation to the ARRL Board of Directors at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

After discussion, the Board was in recess for luncheon from 12:12 PM until 1:23 PM, when the Board reconvened with all persons as hereinbefore mentioned.

30. On motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mr. Fallon, it was VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

WHEREAS, ARRL volunteers routinely provide public service and disaster relief communications; and

WHEREAS, governmental agencies and public service agencies may need to verify identities of volunteers and establish that volunteers do not have a criminal background; and

WHEREAS, theft of identity and loss of personal data has become a matter of great concern to many individuals;

NOW THEREFORE, the ARRL Board of Directors adopts the following policy relating to memoranda of understandings with other parties:

“Ideally, Amateur Radio emergency communications volunteers participating in ARRL-sponsored programs should not be required by served agencies to undergo background investigations of any kind. However, it is generally acceptable for a served agency to require these volunteers to undergo a criminal background check, preferably performed by a law-enforcement entity. It is not reasonable for a served agency to require these volunteers to consent to credit checks, mode of living investigations, or investigative consumer reports. In negotiating or renegotiating memoranda of understanding that commit the League to provide volunteer emergency communications support, the League must be assured that these volunteers will not be required by the partner organization to consent to credit investigations, mode of living investigations, or investigative consumer reports.”

31. On motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mr. Butler, it was VOTED that the Ad Hoc Background Investigation Committee is charged with investigation and preliminary negotiation of options for national identification and credentialing for ARES volunteers. Further, the Committee will continue its monitoring of background check requirements by served agencies and report its findings to the Board at the January 2008 Annual Meeting.

32. On motion of Mr. Isely, seconded by Mr. Day, it was VOTED that the Programs and Services Committee shall study the governance of the Section Field Organization. The committee will provide a progress report at the Annual Board Meeting in January 2008 with final results of the study to be reported to the Board no later than the July 2008 meeting.

33. On motion of Mr. Frenaye, seconded by Mr. Butler, it was VOTED that the following resolution be ADOPTED:

WHEREAS, the number of new amateurs per year has been in the 20,000 range for the last ten years; and

WHEREAS, the total number of licensed amateurs has been dropping by about 6,000 per year for the last five years; and

WHEREAS, it is vital to the future of Amateur Radio that there be real growth in the number of newcomers;

NOW BE IT RESOLVED that it is the goal of ARRL to increase the number of new licensed amateurs for each of the next five years, starting with a goal of 30,000 in 2008.

34. On motion of Mr. Norton, seconded by Mr. Leggette, it was VOTED that the ARRL Board of Directors thanks those involved in digital networks that serve ARES, and specifically the Winlink 2000 development team for creation of a system facilitating Amateur Radio’s ability to serve society’s emergency communication needs. The League affirms its desire to work with developers of digital systems including the Winlink 2000 system to improve efficiency, address control issues, and enhance compatibility with other users of the Amateur Radio bands.

35. On motion of Mr. Frahm, seconded by Mr. Leggette, it was VOTED that the Rules and Regulations concerning American Radio Relay League elections are amended as follows:

Rules and Regulations Concerning American Radio Relay League Division and Section Manager Elections

Campaign Statements

Each candidate for Director, Vice Director or Section Manager may submit a 300-word statement for inclusion with the ballot. The submission of this statement shall be filed as elsewhere required, and must be truthful and not misleading, which matters will be conclusively determined by the Election Committee. With this statement, the candidate may submit his or her black and white photograph not larger than 3 inches high and 2 inches wide to likewise be included with the ballot. The standard of truth applies to all mailings by a candidate.

Mass communications at League expense

In any League contested Director, Vice Director or Section Manager election, during the campaign period (the period from the deadline for receipt of nominating petitions for Director and Vice Director until the day ballots are due) any no mass communication at League expense in whole or in part, dealing with any candidate in any way or issued by a candidate, League or section official in the Division of the candidate, shall contain election campaign material.  be approved by the Executive Committee prior to the issuance of such communications. The Executive Committee shall deny approval of any communication which in its opinion, Campaign material is any material that might reasonably be expected to affect the outcome of such election. The campaign period is defined as the period from the deadline for receipt of nominating petitions for Director, Vice Director or Section Manager until the day ballots are due in the election. Mass communication is defined as communications by mail, electronic distribution, posting to a web site, email, hand delivery or by any other means of distribution to League members in the particular Division or Section involved in the contested election.

“Campaign” labels are furnished upon request, to any election candidate whose eligibility has been properly certified for the purpose of campaigning for office in the League. All requests shall be made in writing on a form to be provided by the Hq. (No telephone requests will be honored.) The form will require that the purpose for requesting the list be stated and will require a signed statement that the list is being used only for the purpose requested. Lists are furnished at the cost of production. Two copies of material mailed using address labels provided by Hq. shall be sent to Hq., and a copy shall be sent to each director concerned, via first class mail, at the time of the first mailing.

Please refer to “Terms and Conditions Governing Availability of Mailing Lists from HQ” for detailed and precise instructions concerning the use of membership lists.


It may not be appropriate for candidates to conduct on-the-air campaigning for elected office in the League. The ARRL does not, therefore, sanction such on-the-air activity. Because incumbent directors are in a policy-making role in a corporation, it is better if their campaign activities are conducted in some fashion other than via Amateur Radio.

Articles by or about an incumbent director, or a candidate, (or photos of same) will not be published in an issue of QST that will appear during the period of the election process.

No candidate or person on behalf of a candidate shall distribute campaign literature on official ARRL stationery, except that ARRL member or club stationery may be used. “Campaign literature” is any item in support of a specific person for the office of Director, Vice Director or Section Manager.

36. Under agenda item 10, “Any other business” the Chair led the Board in a discussion regarding the recently withdrawn petition to segment the amateur bands based upon signal bandwidth, what has been learned from the experience, and what needs to be considered if the effort is resurrected in the future. President Harrison then recognized Southeastern Division Director Frank Butler, W4RH, who has announced that he is not running for re-election, for his 50 years of service as an elected official of ARRL, beginning with his first term as the Western Florida Section Communications Manager in 1957 (Standing ovation.) There being no further business, those present were invited to make informal closing comments.

37. On motion of Mr. Frahm, seconded by the entire assembly, the following resolution was unanimously ADOPTED:

INASMUCH as the 2007 Second Meeting of the ARRL board has been efficiently facilitated through the help and diligence of staff; and

WHEREAS, our committee meetings were highlighted by dedication of the beautiful Diamond Terrace at ARRL Headquarters, which recognizes donors and celebrates the tradition of our avocation and organization; and

WHEREAS, this meeting marks the conclusion of twenty nine years of dedicated Board service by Frank Butler, W4RH, whose career as an elected ARRL official spans fifty years and whose generous donation to the Diamond Terrace honors his family and mentors; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the entire board family thanks Frank for his manifold effective and insightful contributions to ARRL which span more than half its existence. We also thank staff for their work leading to a successful meeting, as well as facilitating and capitalizing on the recent influx of new and upgraded licensees. We especially recognize Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Lisa Kustosik, KA1UFZ, for supporting our deliberations and arranging appealing accommodations for this Meeting (Applause).

The meeting was adjourned at 4:33 PM. (Time in session as a Board: 11 hours, 58 minutes. Time in session as a Committee of the Whole: 13 minutes)

Respectfully submitted,

David Sumner, K1ZZ